7 thoughts on “Car-themed Cake

  1. Hi there

    Can you share the steps tutorial with pictures on the cake and the fondant preparation.. more than the cake am interested in the Fondant for the car and the race track.. pls share them at the earliest.. am planning for a car themed bday party for my 2 yr old son in 2-3 weeks. Also if you can point to where to shop for the same, it would be helpful. your cake looks like a pro.. so looking forward to hear back from you..


  2. Hi Ranjani…thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately, I do not have any step by step pictures of the cake. If you can send me ur email id I can send you the fondant recipe and how I made the race track. The car was made using rice krispie treats and then covered in fondant using my son’s car as a model. Regarding shopping, do you mean where to buy the fondant from?…Where do you live?..

  3. Hi

    Thanks. How do I send my email id? Do u have your email on the website ? Yes pls send the receipts and any tips for first timers like me.. Is this fondant theme tough for a beginner ? I meant what shops to look for buying the materials.. I live in Fremont, ca. Any ideas?

  4. Hi there.. I responded to your email and was not sure if you got a chance to read that or even received that? let me know or reply to it when you get a chance.. appreciate your help..

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