Introducing ‘new’ bloggers #21

Thank you so much Jhuls and Sarah for the mention….you guys are so kind!


Yay! I couldn’t believe I am already in #21 in the Introducing new bloggers series. Introduced 100 bloggers already? Wow. I feel so proud. 😀 But I admit that I had help from some of the amazing blogging buddies (you know who you are) and this time, Sarah, is doing it again.

Five out of seven already made it to last week’s episode. And now, Sarah will bring you the remaining bloggers she has emailed me:

sayhelloMy Adventures in Dinnertime  Meet Amanda! She’s a mom of 2 and a loving wife. She makes amazing things! Take a look at this Chicken Caprese or these beautiful Vanilla Cupcakes. I expect great future posts from her 🙂

Belle of the Kitchen – Aah, meet Belle! When you visit her blog, you’re instant happy! Her blog is colorful and just full of joy!

Her about page starts really good:

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