Shaded red, orange and yellow Fall-themed Cake

11eHello helloo….did you all have a nice weekend? How was Thanksgiving? Tired after all that food and shopping? Did you score any awesome BlackFriday deals? So many questions, I know!


We had a very cozy, fun Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin’s house with family and friends, and I made this rustic Fall-themed cake as a birthday cake for my niece, who celebrated her 9th birthday the same day . The pumpkins were made out of orange and yellow fondant. Oh, how I loved that baby orange pumpkin…I so wanted to steal that cute little fella and sneak it back home, but by the time the cake was cut and devoured, it was no where to be seen. In someone’s tummy, I guess…😔


It was a simple vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream. I used this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Just to give it a Fall feeling, I frosted the cake in shades of red, orange and yellow buttercream, and once you smooth everything out, you are left with this beautifully marbled, shaded effect. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. And hey, the rest of the desserts at the party…pumpkin cheesecake ( recipe coming soon), pistachio pudding, flan, and pecan pie…oh yum!

Sending this cake and my little pumpkins to Fiesta Friday at The Novice Gardener.


20 thoughts on “Shaded red, orange and yellow Fall-themed Cake

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  2. Oh, do I love this cake. Even though it was for a sweet girls 9th birthday party…it’s such a perfect cake for any occasion this time of year. What a talent you have, my friend. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful cake with all of us. Happy Fiesta Friday!! ❤

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