Fondant Artist’s Palette and Brush Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Hello everyone 😀 …happy Wednesday to all of you!

Today I have for you a small tutorial on how to make an artist’s palette and brush cupcake topper out of fondant. I always add a little tylose powder or gumtex to the fondant when I want to make shapes and figures out of it. The Tylose powder makes the fondant firmer and also helps dry it harder and faster. You could always use store-bought gumpaste, but just make sure you work fast since it dries really quick.



Here I am making a wooden palette. You could also make a simple white palette.


Take 3 shades of fondant and roll them into logs. Since I wanted a lighter shade of wood and not much variation, I chose only three — white, very light brown and light brown. If you prefer a darker wood, use darker shades.

Press them together.

Twist it into a single log.

Fold and twist again.

Keep twisting until you are happy with the marbling.

Roll out the fondant.


Make a template. I just drew the shape of the palette on a piece of cardstock and cut it out. In case you don’t want to draw a template, here is a printable template I found online.

Place the template on the fondant and cut it out using an X-acto knife.

Cut out a hole using Wilton nozzle 12.


For the paint, I melted some white chocolate and colored it red, green, blue and black and placed a drop of each on the palette.



Take small pieces of gray and light brown fondant.

Roll the gray fondant into a small thin rope. Using your finger taper the end of the rope.

Cut a piece of small square from the rope.

For the bristles, roll the light brown fondant into shape and use a toothpick to make some fine lines. See the size of the brush compared to a quarter.

Attach the brush to the palette using a little water or gum glue.

Paint the square part of the brush with silver dust.

And there you go…your fondant cupcake toppers are ready!…so easy, isn’t it?


7 thoughts on “Fondant Artist’s Palette and Brush Cupcake Topper Tutorial

      • I would love to. The problem with me is I don’t use store bought fondant and I make it from scratch at home. So, I will first make fondant, then the next day I will do the rest of the recipe. I will book a weekend for this probably LOL. But would love to try it ☺👍

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