Fondant Artist’s Palette and Brush Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Hello everyone ūüėÄ …happy Wednesday to all of you!

Today I have for you a small tutorial on how to make an artist’s palette and brush cupcake topper out of fondant. I always add a little tylose powder or gumtex to the fondant when I want to make shapes and figures out of it. The Tylose powder makes the fondant firmer and also helps dry it harder and faster. You could always use store-bought gumpaste, but just make sure you work fast since it dries really quick.



Here I am making a wooden palette. You could also make a simple white palette.


Take 3 shades of fondant and roll them into logs. Since I wanted a lighter shade of wood and not much variation, I chose only three — white, very light brown and light brown. If you prefer a darker wood, use darker shades.

Press them together.

Twist it into a single log.

Fold and twist again.

Keep twisting until you are happy with the marbling.

Roll out the fondant.


Make a template. I just drew the shape of the palette on a piece of cardstock and cut it out. In case you don’t want to draw a template, here is a printable template I found online.

Place the template on the fondant and cut it out using an X-acto knife.

Cut out a hole using Wilton nozzle 12.


For the paint, I melted some white chocolate and colored it red, green, blue and black and placed a drop of each on the palette.



Take small pieces of gray and light brown fondant.

Roll the gray fondant into a small thin rope. Using your finger taper the end of the rope.

Cut a piece of small square from the rope.

For the bristles, roll the light brown fondant into shape and use a toothpick to make some fine lines. See the size of the brush compared to a quarter.

Attach the brush to the palette using a little water or gum glue.

Paint the square part of the brush with silver dust.

And there you go…your fondant cupcake toppers are ready!…so easy, isn’t it?


Stained Glass Cake Tutorial

For all those who want to know more about the stained glass cake I made the other day, I have put together this simple tutorial on how to create the stained glass effect.

1. Start with a clean, smooth fondant-covered cake surface.

2. Transfer the design onto the cake.

Since mine was a fairly simple design, I drew it free hand directly on the cake using an edible ink pen.


3. Pipe the outlines using black royal icing.

I also added some random background lines to give it that characteristic stained glass effect.



4. Fill in the designs with color using a small paint brush .

I used gel colors mixed with piping gel to get the shiny stained glass appearance.

5. Fill in the background.

I mixed a little yellow gel color with a bit of vodka to thin it out and used that to paint the background.