Naked Wedding Cake

WC 10

I just love the concept of a naked cake. There is something so rustic yet stylishly charming about those naked cake layers. The filling can be anything from a simple jam to a sweet caramel spread to a decadently rich buttercream. These cakes are usually decorated with a lot of fruits, mostly berries, like strawberries and blueberries and flowers. And finally, a light dusting of powdered sugar on top gives it a soft, dreamy effect. It is the perfect Fall wedding cake, don’t you think?

WC 7

I was really excited when the beautiful bride requested this cake. Her wedding colors were blush and gold, and she just wanted minimum decorations on the cake. The color contrast on the different tiers matched her blush and gold theme, in my opinion. In the end, the cake was beautiful and elegant, just like the bride!

Taking this to Fiesta Friday at The Novice Gardener.

Blue and White Fondant Ruffle Cake



Gosh…it’s been almost a whole month since my last post. My parents are here visiting us from India and also there has been quite a few cake orders which has kept me busy and away from my little blog. I have missed all the fun and so many wonderful posts from my friends. Will catch up soon. Today I have a cake I did recently. This was based on an earlier design of mine.

This cake was done for baby Zac’s baptism ceremony. Baby Zac is my friend’s son…a cutie pie! Knowing how important baptism is in a baby’s life, I am so honored and happy that she chose me to make this cake. Thanks D! The cake was marble cake filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in fondant ruffles. The blue flower was made out of gum paste and edible pearls.

Sending this to Fiesta Friday #34 at The Novice Gardener.



Stained Glass Cake Tutorial

For all those who want to know more about the stained glass cake I made the other day, I have put together this simple tutorial on how to create the stained glass effect.

1. Start with a clean, smooth fondant-covered cake surface.

2. Transfer the design onto the cake.

Since mine was a fairly simple design, I drew it free hand directly on the cake using an edible ink pen.


3. Pipe the outlines using black royal icing.

I also added some random background lines to give it that characteristic stained glass effect.



4. Fill in the designs with color using a small paint brush .

I used gel colors mixed with piping gel to get the shiny stained glass appearance.

5. Fill in the background.

I mixed a little yellow gel color with a bit of vodka to thin it out and used that to paint the background.