Almond Joy Truffle Cake ….An Ode to my Favorite Candy!

ImageDon’t you just love Almond Joy?… I do!..I really do. I can eat one any time of the day..or night, for that matter.. I also have a special relation with this beautiful candy bar. My second day in the US – newly married, missing home badly, hubby at work, alone in the new house, miles and miles of white snow around, cold and scared, almost on the verge of crying, I wandered aimlessly through the rooms, and there it was….two large packets of some candy called ‘Almond Joy’. It said chocolate (hmmm),  it said coconut ( interested), it said almonds (definitely interested), and it said joy ( smiling now). I popped one in my mouth, then the next one , then another one, and another. I had found my first friend here in the US – the very sweet and joyful, Almond Joy!
This cake has all the elements of the candy in the form of a luscious, melt-in-your-mouth flourless chocolate truffle cake, a moist and sweet coconut topping, and toasted almonds on top. This one sure is a keeper and I know I”ll be making it again, and again, and again!…

Stained Glass Cake Tutorial

For all those who want to know more about the stained glass cake I made the other day, I have put together this simple tutorial on how to create the stained glass effect.

1. Start with a clean, smooth fondant-covered cake surface.

2. Transfer the design onto the cake.

Since mine was a fairly simple design, I drew it free hand directly on the cake using an edible ink pen.


3. Pipe the outlines using black royal icing.

I also added some random background lines to give it that characteristic stained glass effect.



4. Fill in the designs with color using a small paint brush .

I used gel colors mixed with piping gel to get the shiny stained glass appearance.

5. Fill in the background.

I mixed a little yellow gel color with a bit of vodka to thin it out and used that to paint the background.